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Usually use crocus online and have just looked at RHS online and they seem to be even more expensive. Anyone advise best place to shop online or is it always cheaper at garden centres. I do not have a greenhouse and I am trying to fill a new garden.



Varies enormously, Bidget - for instance, at this time of year, garden centres stock small pots of perennials, usually for about 1.99 each, 6 for a tenner, that kind of thing, so I'd get those now at the garden centre. And the other thing is, never buy something selling already in flower - it'll be at least a third higher in price than if you bought the same plant when not in flower. If you've got nurseries or garden centres round and about and you have the time, go and have a scout round and see what you can find. The trick is to know what you want and then see if you can find it, and if you do, wherever's cheapest. I remember going to RHS wisley garden centre and discovering that a lot of shrubs I'd just looked at in Wyevale were actually cheaper at Wisley - but others were more expensive.

14 Feb, 2011


Thanks for that. I work full time and have found buying online easier but even in the last year the price for each plant seems to have risen by £2.00 per plant, so not sure I am paying a premium

14 Feb, 2011


yes, and the rise in VAT won't help either...

14 Feb, 2011

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