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Hello, I don't have a question, but I listened today about the Oleander. I would like to say that in America it is forbidden to burn the wood as this can give off deadly smoke. I have seen plants on sale in garden centres here and they do not mention how poisoness the whole of the plant is. Seeing as how many chemicals are now 'forbidden' I think this is a sad omission on the part of the vendors of plants. By the way - I love your programmes. I am listening now and washing all my seed trays for the new season. Keep up the good work!!



Hi Sue and welcome to GoY, many of our garden plants are toxic - it is simply a matter of using common sense, if you cooked a daffodil bulb thinking it was an onion you'd be dead too. Not sure which programme you are listening to but sadly GoY is not on the radio or the TV!

13 Feb, 2011


As it's Sunday it could be Gardeners' Question Time on Radio 4.

13 Feb, 2011


Ah, thanks Beattie

13 Feb, 2011


As someone who has grown up with massive Oleander hedges all around me, here's my take on labeling.

As with all plants, use common sense:

Don't consume, smoke, cook with, snort, rub yourself, or inject any plant you aren't familiar with.

All parts of Oleanders are poisonous if they get into the body's systems. The sap contains cardiac glycosides, which are used medically--in tiny quantities--to slow down runaway heart rates. Most adults will get pretty sick by ingesting moderate quantities of the plant, but rarely die, unless they are allergic, or have a medical condition that makes them more sensitive. Small children or pets, on the other hand, could be in serious danger. The plant, however, doesn't release a poison gas--unless burnt--or sneak into your mouth while you sleep! : )

14 Feb, 2011

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