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I would imagine that quite a few of you out there are having the same problem with your palm trees as I am. After two harsh winters the palm trees up here in the North West of England are looking pathetic and starting to bleed out of the bark. Any suggestions, mine is well established but a few of the branches are now bare of leaves.
Thanks, Wellyboots




I think I can see the damaged area of trunk, near the base, showing white? Do nothing yet, unless it becomes very soggy, rotten and oozing right through that area, in which case you'll have to chop it down past that point. This is best left till Spring has sprung, so to speak, so around April would be best if its necessary. Otherwise, just wait to see where (or if) new growth appears - this might be up the trunks somewhere, or from the base, and may take some time to appear. When it does, chop back to that point.

12 Feb, 2011

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