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hi every one ............. i have treated myself to a narine bowlli , not sure how you spell it .......... but sure you all know wot i mean , pink flowers sept oct.
wot i wud like to know is .......... how and where shud i plant it , and wud it be ok to put it in a large tub .......... there are 5 tubers will they spread much , is 5 a lot . i know !!! a lot of ? lol they are such a stunning plant !!



You mean Nerine bowdenii, but we forgive the spelling! At least you tried! This bulb likes to be planted with its nose well above soil level and in a place where it will not be overshadowed by other plants in summer and will get baked! So the base of a south facing wall is a good place or at the front of a sunny border. I would plant them a couple of inches apart in a block for more impact. As the clump gets bigger over the years you can dig them up and separate them. Or you could put them in a pot, but don't put other plants in with them or else they will get shaded. Use John Innes no 2.

9 Feb, 2011


haha thats the one lol thankyou !!! i will do that .......... may be i will put some in a tub and the rest in a border then . again thanks ........................

10 Feb, 2011

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