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By Apollo

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my torbay palm looks dead all the leaves fell off in the high winds what should i do



Most likely damaged by frost, first, Apollo. The winds just made the damage more obvious. As long as the trunk and branches are still firm and dry, I would leave it alone. Sometime next spring or early summer, it will sprout out from the trunk, or maybe from the roots. Once it sprouts, cut the branches or trunk just above where the sprouts come out. If the trunk or branches are soft, mushy, or oozing white, pink, or orange goop, it may be a good idea to cut them off just below the damage, to keep the rot from spreading. Some schools of thought say that this type of rot doesn't spread, and the dead trunk helps protect the rest from further frost damage, so it's better to leave it in spite of the "crud".

9 Feb, 2011

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