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How do I prune a privett hedge?


By Steve

hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

planted a privett last year, how do i set about pruning and when should i the moment there is signs of new leaves and the hieght is about 2foot.



Early spring is the time for the first haircut. Remember to trim height and width.
Then once more between May and August (since this is it's first growing season). Next year you'll be able to trim it twice.
Depends on what shape you are going for as to the tools you need for the job. Are you planning on topiary?

31 Jan, 2008


to be honest Steve, i had a privett hedge all around my garden at the last place i lived before i moved last year, - are you sure that you want privett? because if it is only 2ft tall you still have time to change your mind. fast growing is an understatement, and they get huge. mine where around 30ft and it was a real pain to keep them in check otherwise they get leggy and scraggly and block out all of the sun. they also take all of the moisture and goodness out of the soil, so it is hard to grow much near or around them. i had to prune mine 2 - 3 times a year to prevent them getting out of hand, and it is no easy task on a hedge this size, - which they can get to quite quickly and easierly, even if you are pruning regually. if you are planning on topary, i would say they are not very good for this anyway, you would be far better off with box tree. its far more compact, slower growing and looks much neater and easy to control. if you are happy with a huge hedge or shrub and don't mind pruning, then good luck - it does'nt really matter how much you cut it back it will be back with a vengance! although if you want a decent shape it is best to cut from top and sides at the same time as maple has said. but if you want something that is better behaved there are lots of other options.

31 Jan, 2008


One other tip when shaping your hedge - slope the sides back a little towards he top rather than cutting them completely vertical (this is known as 'batter') . It allows light to get to the bottom which would otherwise be shaded out and become bare in a few years.

31 Jan, 2008


thanks for the comments, i think a trip to the garden centre may be in order, i need to get the name of the privett plants i purchased and confirm the hieght they will reach.
also thanks to andrew for the lesson in site use, hope i am doing it right now.

2 Feb, 2008


just got back from the garden centre, the full name of the privet i am growing is.....LIGUSTRUM VULGARE ATROVIRENS.
hieght says 50 cm to 150cm.
has anyone grown this variety and if so , what hieght did it get to.
should i wait until it reaches the required hieght and then trim , or tidy it up in spring and again in june?

4 Feb, 2008


We have three very old privet hedges, they are a lovely solid backdrop to the garden.
They are cut about three times during the summer depending on growth, we always cut them before they flower as we find the smell can be quite unpleasant.

1 Mar, 2008


thank you for that info caroline , as the hedge is right outside the kitchen window , i will keep that in mind.

3 Mar, 2008

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