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My cordyline has been badly affected by the freezing winter.

Will it regenerate or will it need to be replaced?



so many cordylines have been damaged this year...all you can do is wait and might reshoot further down the stem if your lucky.

7 Feb, 2011


Depends how badly. Loads of people in the same boat. I suggest leaving it until May/June time, or even later, when perhaps any regrowth (probably from much lower than the current dead leaves) might emerge. If not, then the damage is terminal. The winter cold penetrated the rather soft tissues, which are water carrying vessels, without the tough outer bark and wood of hardy trees, and, like pipes without lagging, the water froze inside, splitting the vessels, and killing the living tissue. Water also collects in the crown of the plant, and freezes there, adding to the problems. Periodially check the trunk. If it remains woody and sound, there may be a chance it has survived, and may regrow. If it splits, or oozes 'gooey' stuff, then it's a gonner. Try cuttting down to sound wood, May time, after danger of frost has passed. Worthy

7 Feb, 2011


4 of mine are totally done for, I shall cut them half way, and hope for the best, I did that to another last year it sprouted up from the bottom, I am hoping the same will happen to those.

7 Feb, 2011


Mine is the same :(. Should I cut off the soggy part of the trunk now or later. Thanks

7 Feb, 2011


I would leave well alone till May Dawn. the tops should flop over and form a seal to keep the rest of the winter out.

8 Feb, 2011


Thanks Sandra, that's what I'll do. :)

8 Feb, 2011

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