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I have a Crassula (money plant) which i have had for at least 12 years it is about 22 ins high and is about 30 ins wide. It has never had any probs untill about 2 months ago when we noticed little black flies on a smaller sister plant we bought a Bug Clear spray for indoor plants flies aphids no success repotted the small plant in clean pot new soil etc thats fine the large plant was repotted in summer and is so heavy didn't want to redo unless had to. Bought Bug attack systemic sticks and inserted in the soil now 2 weeks on plant is still losing leaves quicker now than before and whole pieces of branches coming off seems unable to hold up side branches which at it's size are quite heavy, there does however seem to be continuos new growth but pale not strong help please i've had this plant for along time and don't want to lose it \many thanks \janet Miskin



Check the main stem of the plant to see if there's any area of rotting, particularly near the base. If the new growth is also droopy as well as pale, have you been overwatering the plant in the last couple of months? And if this plant never showed any signs of bug infestation, recommend you remove the Bug sticks - also check the pack to see if they cannot be used with certain plants.

7 Feb, 2011


Mine is about 15 years old,and hasn't been watered since November,and is in a cold conservatory,so I wonder if you have been watering yours? as it sounds like a rotting problem.I would hate to lose mine too,but cuttings are easily propagated,and it will stand a good pruning if its getting too big.I have done mine a few times,and it always grows back nicely.They can get a bit leggy after a few years,and are tougher than you think,so it shouldn't suffer after pruning ,maybe March or April.Good luck,I hope you can find what the problem is.

8 Feb, 2011

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