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I have two, rapidly expanding, stands of bamboo. How can I minimise spread and how can I reduce the current spread by half? The underground root system seems impossible to dig up.



Cut off any that arent required, and pull up if possible, They go down a foot ive discovered after digging one out from along a narrow bed that wasn't a clump former. Best method is to dig and pull. Once cleared and your happy with the clump, you need to sink an inpenetrable membrane or slabs with joints over lapped, any way it can escape it will. Dig around the clump and bury 2 o 3 foot deep. Make sure they are protruding from the ground to.
If you dont want it at alll, dig as much as you can and paint brushwood killer onto any cut ends. It will take time but will work.

6 Feb, 2011

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