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We have a garden room on the south facing side of our house. It consists of a conservatory opening into the house. The room is approximately two thirds glazed, one third brick walled with a tiled roof. The room is size is about 6 metres by 5 metres. We would appreciate advice on suitable indoor plants, particularly for hanging baskets in the glazed part of the room.



Hello and welcome Clutchpowers. This is going to be a pretty difficult situation for plants unless you can give some protection when the sun's out, even though you have a tiled roof. The "Thermal gain" from a south-facing porch or conservatory is considerable. You may well find that heat from the conservatory warms the adjoining room if you leave the door open when the sun's out. (Greenhouse effect in action!)

I had a south-facing porch and found the "last man standing" was a bunch of spider plants. You could experiment with various house plants. Pelargoniums may well be up to the challenge. I don't like the smell so I don't grow them in enclosed spaces, but a friend has a porch-full.
Good luck!

6 Feb, 2011


Thanks for your advice

6 Feb, 2011


My conservatory has the light filtering roof panels, so although it can get very warm in the summer if the door and windows are shut (fortunately, I can leave mine open), it does protect them from the intensive sunlight. I've had brilliant results with chilli plants in there.
This summer, my Hibiscus rosa-sinensis will stay in there, and I have Lapergaria Rosea coming on that will live in there too. Polyanthese tuberosa bloomed in there last summer, as it dislikes temps of below 20Âșc if you want them to bloom.

7 Feb, 2011

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