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recently moved to libya and have a beautiful very large grape vine growing from inside the house to an opening in the roof. neighbours say that the grape vine produces beautiful black grapes. i'm concerned that the area for watering, which is indoors now, as the house was converted and the original site of the vine would have been a courtyard which is now covered, is only a couple of feet wide in a semicircle. i need to know what is the best feed i can apply to the vine for maximum care, and also when to prune, and how. thanking you for your kind attention.
joanna golden



Vines are as tough as old boots and grow in very poor soil. I wouldn't feed at all, I'm not even sure I would water as the vine will have a tap root that goes way down to the water table. If any of your neighbours has a vine the best thing would be to ask them for advice.

9 Feb, 2011

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