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would like to move a large well established camelia now. It is full of bud at the moment - will it survive if we prune and uproot it now before it flowers



Why prune it? It should be okay with a good rootball. In fact, if done properly, it probably won't even notice. Good weather at the moment, mild, and likely to do your watering for you. The proper time might be after flowering, when you can trim them up, but if its got to be done now, then I think it'll be okay. Worthy

4 Feb, 2011


I think it depends how large "large" is Worthy. If it's 10 feet high and wide it'll need pruning just to be able to handle it!

4 Feb, 2011


we think it's approx 6ft x 6ft

4 Feb, 2011


I'd be a little concerned if you moved it before it flowered, which won't be long. It might be shocked into dropping its buds. You'd lose this year's flowers if you pruned it now, anyway! I'd wait if you possibly can.

4 Feb, 2011

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