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Our Sarcocca hedge has many flowers but no scent. Can anyone suggest why this may be?

We first came across the plant at Kew gardens and the scent was almost overpowering. Last week we visited the RHS gardens at Wisley and again the scent was very strong. have i bought the wrong plant?



First I'd ask if you're absolutely certain its Sarcocca? If it is, then I'm afraid the honest truth about this plant is yes, it's fragrant - but quite frankly, because it flowers in winter, the scent is barely noticeable outside. If the weather is mild when its in flower, its slightly more noticeable, but let's just say the scent from it wouldn't knock you out as you went past. To test, cut a stem with flowers and bring it into the house - the warmth inside should mean you can detect the scent more readily.

3 Feb, 2011


Hello Ken, I can sympathise.
I have 2 of these plants, one sarcocca and one confusa. I hope there is a difference--they look exactly the same to me! Strangely enough, I was grumbling today because I couldn't smell them, but I do remember that they had a delightful scent last year so, going by what Bamboo says, it must have been on warmer, sunny days. Mine aren't big enough to cut but I have them in a sheltered position by the back door, the idea being that I could enjoy the scent on the way in and out! Disappointing so far this year.

3 Feb, 2011

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