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Do we think this is Picea likiangengis from the photo? It is a very impressive tree. I am looking forward to growing one although it is likely to take years to mature!




Hmmmm....It looks too narrow and the branchlets too "weeping" to be Picea likiangengis, (although not nearly to the same extent as P. smithiana and P. breweriana) although it's impossible to be certain from the pic, I'm afraid, since effectively all we can see is a silhouette.

Picea likiangengis and the closely related P. purpurea are fabulous trees. Our likiangengis started to cone at the age of around 10 years - when it was getting on for 2 metres tall - and is breathtaking in flower/fruit.

2 Feb, 2011


Is this the subject of a previous question from a week or so back? It might be douglas fir, by the profile. Cones? They're distinctive. If it has the droopy, 5in. long, almost cylindrical cones, then it's not douglas fir, which has small cones with distinctive tips to the scales. Worthy

2 Feb, 2011


It is certainly huge, so hopefully you have a lot of room undergorund for the roots, and not too near anything that the roots may damage.

3 Feb, 2011


Yes the tree is where the cones came from.

4 Feb, 2011

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