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hi do i have to cover bamboo over winter or leave it in a shelterd place many thanks



Bamboo is hardy, so needs no special treatment.

15 Jan, 2011


hi sheilabud many thanks

15 Jan, 2011


Sorry to disagree a bit. *SOME* bamboos are hardy. Which one have you got? And where are you exactly?

16 Jan, 2011


hi sarraceniac i live in cambrigeshire and the bamboo is called phyllostachys spectabilis is a yellow groove bamboo many thanks

16 Jan, 2011


You are the lucky one. This is not only a gorgeous looking bamboo but is also very hardy. I have lost two different bamboos this winter I think. My Phyllostachis aurea is fine but I think I lost its near relative the P. aureosulcata which is very tall and graceful plus a dwarf Pleioblastus which isn't very impressive but grows nicely in a pot. One or the other may come back though they are both supposed to be OK to USDA zone 7 and I am in zone 8 equivalent (about the same as Cambridgeshire 'cos we're on the coast) but this has been one heck of a winter. Yours is supposed to be OK to zone 5b though so you should be fine.

16 Jan, 2011

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