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will beetroot be o.k. to cook after being frozen in the ground during the recent bad weather.



Probably, if it's still firm and seems in good nick. The sugars will be well developed! You might find that it's a bit woody, so be prepared. Hardy plants have natural 'antifreeze' in their tissues, and it's amazing what some will survive. Worthy

11 Jan, 2011



thanks a lot I'll try a few, I've usually dug them all up by

this time of the year.


12 Jan, 2011


If it's not ok then we are in trouble! Ours have experienced minus 18 yet we are still able to eat them and they seem ok.
Far better to harvest them in late autumn and put them in boxes in a barn or frost free garage (though we never manage to do that either!)

12 Jan, 2011

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