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I have bought a liquidamber tree (in a pot) it stands about 4ft tall. I paid £20 for this tree and do not know if I should plant it in the garden now, or wait until the spring. I am keeping it in my shed at the moment. Also must it have ericaseous soil. Thank you so much.



If the ground is not frozen you can plant now. Just mix a good quality compost with some loam added (John Innes no 1) to the back fill soil and it will be quite happy. Ericaceous compost is a little too low in nutrients to be of any benefit as a planting medium.

I have seen Liquidambar growing wild in the Sam Houston National Forest in southern Texas growing on sandy acid loam with magnificent Loblolly Pines (Pinus taeda) so the acidity is not a problem though.

11 Jan, 2011


Better acid than alkaline--it is subject to chlorosis in limey soils. If that is what you have, mix ample organic matter, and maybe a little soil sulfur in when you plant, and topdress regularly with organic matter as the tree grows beyond the hole.

11 Jan, 2011

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