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Looking to cover an East facing brick wall. Part of a sun trap, with 6ft wood fence to North and a West facing evergreen hedge to other side. South side open. Must be low maint, and, in no particular order, any or all of the following. Repeat or long flowering, scented, evergreen or semi evergreen, not too energetic, colourful.
Based in mid Norfolk, it would be subject to NE winds in winter. There is a lion head fountain in the centre of the wall which would peep coyly out of the vegetation!
Many thanks,
Jphn M Campbell




10 Jan, 2011


Or Chaenomales . . . there are some lovely varieties (flowering quince).

10 Jan, 2011


Welcome to GOY. Where you are in the UK will have an impact on anything you grow but I'd agree with Sheilabub. I did a blog on the chaenomeles in my garden in May 2010 showing some of those I have in the garden. They are often repeat flowering and you get fruit like little apples which can be used for making a nice jelly. Pyracantha another evergreen will give flowers, and berries to attract the birds and can be trained as a wall shrub. it does not take a lot of looking after. Grow a short variety summer flowering clematis along with it if you want some extra colour.

11 Jan, 2011


Hello Scotsgran,
Pyracantha seems to be the best bet at the moment. I think that the bird feed option swung it for me. Also,of course, very low maintenance.
Any tips about planting close to a wall [root freedom] and would advise special feed ab inito?
Passion flower was toyed with, until I remembered the battle I had with one in Gibraltar.

Many thanks,
John M Campbell

12 Jan, 2011


It is said that you should plant at least a foot away from the wall to allow the plant to get the benefit of any rainwater. You will need to prune it carefully by snipping off any shoot which grows in the wrong direction. E.g. you can cut the front facing shoots back to 4" and you will still get flowers and berries. The shoots growing up need to be trimmed back before they become unable to support themselves and anything growing from them. If you want them to grow to a height quickly, say within a year, then you will need to put in wire to tie in the growing tips. Also if you can cut the shoots growing towards the wall the plant will develop a nice strong cosy framework where birds can nest. I am sending you a PM. Feeding is a matter of choice. I have always used bonemeal in the planting hole and then as a top dressing each spring when I put on a mulch. It is slow acting and not harmful. Many others use fish, blood and bone which gives a more immediate response.

12 Jan, 2011


Many Thanks Scotsgran,
Pyracantha it is, then.
Growing advice particularly welcome.

13 Jan, 2011

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