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are barn owls more commonly seen in the united kingdom than in the usa



How often do you see them in the US? The States is a vast land mass, so it probably depends where you are.

9 Jan, 2011


welll ive never saw one here in iowa but on google its says there verry plentiful around here

10 Jan, 2011


We often see barn owls at dusk or later swooping around the hedgerows. There are woods nearby so presume they live there. We live in central Scotland. Wetravel around the uk quite a bit and it is not unusual to see barn owls. There used to be one outside the bird aviaries at Edinburgh Zoo. We used to see him roosting on a tree branch. Another sits on our roof either northend or south side depending on the wind direction. He/she also perches on the upstairs bedroom window sills.

10 Jan, 2011


well thanks for your information im thinking about moving there

10 Jan, 2011


I saw a HUGE white owl at dusk once while walking in the Forest of Bowland (Lancashire, north west England). Having seen barn owls flying free at a bird park since, I'm sure the one I saw wasn't a barn owl - it was much too big. Though they're not 'supposed' to be found in the UK, I'm sure I saw a snowy owl.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has some info

Snowy owls are resident throughout England and Wales, and parts of Scotland and Ireland.

10 Jan, 2011


well thanks beattie and is cornwall a state

10 Jan, 2011


and do u see barn owls a lot were u live

10 Jan, 2011


Beattie if you look up Barn owl on Wikipedia you will see that it is very white chested . It can be a big bird too. The first time my husband saw one it took off from a perch near our back door and because it rose up towards him he got a real fright. It seemed to be huge when seen close up and in flight.

10 Jan, 2011


A website I looked at today says barn owls are about the size of a woodpidgeon and I've seen them flying at Paradise Park at Hayle. The one I saw in the Forest of Bowland flew across the road in front of us and perched on a fence post as we walked past and it must have been 18" high.

And I've just looked them up on Wiki Scotsgran, and found that the ones I've seen "identified" must have been on the small side of the normal range, as they can be up to 18" high - like the one I saw. :-) Thank you, I stand corrected.

Birdboy, the United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, which historically were separate countries.
(I'm opening a can of worms here.... )
Cornwall is a county in England - on a map it's the most south westerly bit of the peninsula in the South West that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean. The closeness of the sea means that it's damp and windy and temperate, (relatively warm in winter and cool in summer).

And I haven't seen a barn owl in the wild here. There are several Tawny Owls that live in the woods we used to own next door, though. We often hear them hunting in summer when the windows are open it the evening.

10 Jan, 2011


well thanks and that is verry intersting

11 Jan, 2011
Click on the abovelink to find out more about Cornwall.

11 Jan, 2011

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