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What size plant pot is best to use for seedlings that require potting on, and if - once the frosts have finished - these will be going into the ground, are they likley to need potting on a second time before they actually do go in the ground? Hope that makes sense!



I tend to use a 7cm diameter pot for my seedlings. This is big enough to keep the plant in for another 6-8 weeks and will move nicely to a 13 cm (1 litre) pot or you can plant from the 7cm pot straight into open ground

9 Jan, 2011


I use plastic drinking cups, after putting a few holes in the bottom. They cost les, can be used 2 or 3 times, and if you give someone your extras and they don't return it, you don't feel bad about it.

10 Jan, 2011


Hi Tilly have a look at my blogs re sowing, and also worth a look at Bulbacholics.

10 Jan, 2011

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