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My sister bought me some grape hyacinths in a pot for xmas to plant and grow, now i've potted them up but is it too late now to force them? have stuck them in a dark cupboard but i noticed that some leaves are up in the garden (isn't nature wonderful after all that horrible weather we've had here) so wondering if its worth doing this late on.



I'd just keep them on a warm windowsill. They really should have been planted months ago, far too late to force them now... Gently explain to Sis. that spring flowering bulbs need to be planted in autumn :-)

I've also never seen grape hyacinths sold for forcing!

5 Jan, 2011


Regular Dutch Hyacinths force well, but Grape Hyacinths don't cooperate at all!

5 Jan, 2011


I would not plant grape hyacinths in the garden directly because if they like the soil conditions they become a real nuisance with lots of green foliage for a long time before and after flowering.

6 Jan, 2011


And they take over, at least in our garden, self seed all over the place and have to be regularly dug out.

6 Jan, 2011


am not going to put them in the garden as i already have problems with them!! will put them on the windowsill, they really shouldn't be sold at christmas should they?

6 Jan, 2011


Nope they shouldn't but they are - regularly.

7 Jan, 2011

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