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hi all and a happy new year. I got a Bee box as a gift - Inspired! Do I put it up now? Wait til Spring? And will I need to treat the wood?

Hope all well in your gardens



Happy new year. I would put the box up now. I dont think you should treat the wood as it might harm the bees. I might be wrong and I am sure someone on here will know for definate. I have seen some baby blue tits in my garden the parents have been sizing up my bird box. Why they had a baby so early in the year I dont know... So if the birds are in need of a home maybe the bees need one to. With all the bad weather I am sure mother nature is struggling to understand whats happening

3 Jan, 2011


Hi Great - many thanks for the info very useful

3 Jan, 2011


I wouldnt treat it with anything either. It wont hurt to put it up now and this will allow it to lose its new smell.

3 Jan, 2011


Thank you Seaburngirl - my weekend looks busy then!

3 Jan, 2011


It'll 'bee' used mid-summer onwards, by one of about 4 species of mining bee, and perhaps one of three species of 'cuckoo' bee which uses the nests of the others. Overwintering insects will include ladybirds and some moths, and earwigs. Worthy

3 Jan, 2011


At what height and what sort of situation do you all recommend for the bee house?

5 Jan, 2011

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