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By Huffeck

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hi again , i am looking for dahlia [variety amazone]. it is marvelous for attracting bees etc . where do i find it please and can it be raised from seed?.



Can't find a seed supplier, but there is a supplier of the Amazon range of Dahlias online - Google Dahlia 'Amazon', found a supplier called

2 Jan, 2011


thanks bamboo , i did google the name. however i did not get your result i must have done something wrong. not unusual for me i might add . i shall look up Bodger today . i realy want a lot more of amazone ,for it colour and the bees love them too. Happy New year from huffeck

3 Jan, 2011


that's the trouble with Google, you never know what its going to throw up - but I only got that result when I typed, very specifically, "Dahlia 'Amazon' ", without the quotation marks, but with the apostrophe round the amazon bit. Amazon appears to be a range of dahlia with 2 or 3 colour mixes rather than a single variety.

3 Jan, 2011


i checked site and am now interested as to whether plants i have will survive.i see that the site recommends minimum temperatutes of 60 = 65 degrees C.that is all year round as i read the article. i shall now pursue further i have ,or rather my wife has, recollected where we bought originals . so with your help and some luck will get to bottom of this . many thanks again for help . by the way huffeck = colin

4 Jan, 2011

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