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I have around 100 or so raspberry canes growing in my garden(60, Autumn Bliss, 25, Glen Amble 25, Glen Moy) I planted them in autumn 2009, They fruited well, Right up to early november 2010, I know I have to prune them, But when and how do I prune them? I belive I have "Everbearer" type fruiting canes, So do I cut right down to the ground? Or not? Although I put them in around a foot high to start with, So do I cut them back to that, i.e Around two thirds back? I want maximum fruit! I also have 150 strawberry plants planted around the canes, Thats O.K Right? (Alsanta, Cainbridge favorite, Florence) I think are the types



You have both summer and autumn fruiting raspberries.
With the summer fruiting rasps. you need to remove completely the canes that fruited in 2010 and cut the tops of the new canes at around 5 foot. Summer fruiting rasps grow the cane one year and fruit on it the next.
The autumn fruiting ones fruit on that seasons canes so you need to cut the canes down now and let new ones grow to fruit in autumn.

Copy and paste this link into your web browser for more info on pruning raspberries.

2 Jan, 2011

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