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lija, Malta Mt

I bought this lovely Helichrysum curry plant from a nursery which is 60cm high and since I m a bonsai lover I intend to cut it back to 40cm high to train it as a bonsai. is it ok to cut back the curry plant with out loosing it? and what is the best soil mixe to use please?

thanks for your help



is this an ordinary curry plant? i dont know what helichrysum curry plant is
i have an ordinary curry plant and everytime i pinch out the top to use in cooking new shoots come out

14 Dec, 2010


Welcome, Daniel!
I've noticed that it is very shy to send out new shoots if it is pruned back to bare wood. Very like Lavenders and Rosemary that way.

15 Dec, 2010


Hi Daniel and welcome to GoY not sure your shrub is a good one to try and bonsai take a look at

15 Dec, 2010

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