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I have around 200 bulbs tulips.

I planted around 150 in the ground in November. Now, I am left with 50 bulbs. What is the good way of planting them in pots?

Also, can I transfer them from pots to the ground in spring?




Planted all ours in ordinary plastic pots, deep enough to give a good 4 inches of cover to the bulbs and I used riddled garden soil.
These can be kept cool (frost is not a problem unless it is very deep and prolonged, in which case the bulbs can dry out rather than suffer from the cold) and will be planted out in Spring where there are spaces. Remember you can plant Tulips right up to the middle of January if need be.

13 Dec, 2010


Closely - pack them in about one bulb space between and with about 3 inches of soil or compost above.

When it all settles down top up the compost.

After flowering best to shake off the soil and keep them dry ready to plant next autumn.

13 Dec, 2010


Um not quite John let them be and feed them if in pots until the foliage dies then you can move. Detta given the weather we are having plant up the remaining bulbs in pots as per Owld's advice.

13 Dec, 2010


If you can get them deeper, in deeper pots, that will help their permanence in the ground once you do plant them out--probably when you see the ones in the ground sprouting.

15 Dec, 2010


Yeah moon grower totally agree about leaving the leaves on - just one of those automatic things that you forget to mention - thanks.

On the question of feeding before lifting; in my experience the bulb gets all the goodness it needs during the season and takes it back down to the bulb as the leaves die - I've always had good flowers each year.

But, I always respect your opinion so am going to try the feeding (presumably foliar) next year to compare results - will try to remember to let you know.

17 Dec, 2010


Hi John no worries, I forget to add part of the info. at times too. Bubla and I usually only feed bulbs in pots... in the open ground they are fine. Of course we are trying to win prizes with some of those in pots!

17 Dec, 2010


Thank you so very much for all your replies. In the mean time, I have planted all my bulbs first week of January (in pots).
They seem to be growing and doing fine. Is it a good idea to transfer them from pots to the ground in March? Or should I leave them in pots for this year?

21 Feb, 2011


No leave them in the pots for this year until after they have flowered and the leaves have died back. You can always bury the pots in the ground once the tulips are in bud so that they give a good show for you. Plant in ground after leaves have died back where you want them to flower next year.

21 Feb, 2011


Thank you so much!

24 Feb, 2011

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