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It is Caralluma Deflersiana I've had it for over a year but it just will not flower any suggestions please?

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The only site that I found said full sun......
It's native to Yemen, so bear that in mind next summer.
Oh, it also said that the flowers are foul smelling!!

8 Dec, 2010


Full sun turns it green to brown. Sun to shade turns it green to green (which looks healthier) although many light shaded plants take on a darker green to induce Chlorophyll take up of available light with some plants going to full burn out on full light exposure , seems to me this plant needs a dapple sun shaded exposure
This plant has been left out side all year trying to get it to flower when and if it does, I will bring it inside and the odour may drive out the other flower who is blooming awful on occasions.

8 Dec, 2010


Check the photo out on this page........

That one has more of a brown colour to it. Is that how yours went?

8 Dec, 2010


Here in the desert, we grow it on the east side, under laths, or under 50% shade screen. It seems to flower during the hottest part of the year, too. Maybe putting it on the south side of a wall--for heat buildup--but to the east of a bush--for afternoon shade--would be one plan.

12 Dec, 2010

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