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What is bedding and borders



Bedding: temporary plants/flowers, usually in summer, such as petunias, begonias, busy lizzies, geraniums, which are thrown out after a season and replanted the following year with fresh. Often sold in boxes at the garden centre, known as box bedding.

Borders: a planting area, usually along a fence or wall line, of bare soil which may extend straight or curved up or across a garden, but always round the edges of the garden. As opposed to 'beds' which are not necessarily against a fence, and may be any shape at all.

4 Dec, 2010


Gareth you've asked this same question three times...

4 Dec, 2010


And here is my response from your 3rd ask:

A 'border' is an area of ground where you have flowering plants, shrubs even trees it it is big enough. Normally used to describe something that is running along the side or back of the garden i.e. it has a backdrop of a hedge/fence or something else.
'Bedding' refers to annual flowers which are planted out after all risk of frost is past.
a 'bed' in the garden is another area for flowers etc. but stands alone. In other words it is surrounded by grass, gravel, paths.
Beds and borders can range from very small to very large.

Perhaps you could delete the other two questions?

4 Dec, 2010

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