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Garlic not developing

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I planted garlic in a raised bed last spring. They quickly grew leaves up to about 6" tall, and the leaves then died back and disappeared in early summer. In August leaves reappeared and still look healthy but, when I dug up a couple of plants to see how they were progressing, they were only the size of small spring onions.

Am I not supposed to get a crop within the first season? What could be wrong, please?



Hi Abennet, i may be wrong but i've always thought garlic should be planted in autum, about now.

3 Nov, 2010


You may well be right, Tulsalady, though I though I'd followed the directions on the packet -- I don't have the packet any more, so I can't check.

So, if it should normally be planted about now, then presumably I just leave it in place and forget about it until next spring or summer?

4 Nov, 2010


Garlic is planted in October/November and harvested late spring early summer. Where these seeds or sets Abenn and you did buy garlic for growing not supermarket cooking garlic?

4 Nov, 2010


These were garlic bulbs, bought from a garden centre for planting, which I split into individual segments. Is that what "sets" are?

4 Nov, 2010


Hi Abenn yes that is what 'sets' are. I'd just leave them to keep growing on.

4 Nov, 2010


Thank you. I'll just leave them be until next year then.

4 Nov, 2010

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