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Dear gardeners,

I am moving from a house with a garden (Cambridge) to a flat in Edinburgh, and I want to take my two 6 ft bay trees with me, ideally I want to put them in the (very light) living room and leave them there the entire year. From reading gardening QAs, I suspect the winters might be the biggest problem as they don't want to be too warm in winter, right? But this flat will not be heated a lot, or I can put them in an unheated room. Do you think they will survive, or do I have to give them away?

I am very attached to them, I have had them for a long while and they are large and beautiful, with big trunks. One is in a pot (watered every day in summer), the other one (which is doing even better) is in the soil but would be moved to a pot when I move out.





I'd be kind to your plants and give them away - they are hardy, outdoor plants, and will not adapt well to interior conditions.

3 Nov, 2010


you could then choose some indoor plants to fit your enviroment, there are some lovely ones available now

3 Nov, 2010


I doubt very mich that they'd survive and stay healthy indoors, but I'm sure anyone would be thrilled to have them as a gift! Better than waatching them deteriorate!

3 Nov, 2010


Do you have a relative or friend who could bay-sit for you and let you have them back when you get a garden again?

3 Nov, 2010

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