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West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I had a new lawn put down in my garden at the bigining of the summer it was all lovely and lush but the last wascouple of months when the gardener has cut the lawn the lawn has been covered in lumps of earth which i was told caused by the lawn mower to which he told me it was worms pushing up the grass and causing these clumps of earth when i asked what to do about it he does not have an answer for me can you tell me if there is an answer to this problem

thank you
m kinsey



It sounds like worm casts and the lawn mower is chopping these off. There's not much you can do about worm casts but if he is cutting the lawn very short you could ask him to raise the blades a little.( It is a good idea to raise the blades when cutting in late autumn or early spring as the grass isn't growing as fast and the slightly longer grass can photosynthesize more )

Just before he's due to mow examine the lawn to see if there are small piles of soil caused by worms. If there are you could try raking these even with a lawn rake or ask him to do it but do expect to pay him a bit more to do it for you..

28 Oct, 2010


You could also invest in a new mower, particularly a hover - these are much better when the ground is damp, as in Spring and Autumn, because they float on a cushion of air, so less likely to churn up worm casts. does sound as if you've either got an old push along mower (they'll do this, every time) or your gardener either can't or doesn't know he should, raise the blades.

28 Oct, 2010

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