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I can't log in, I don't know why though I am a member!!

However "Bulbaholic" you gave me a very good compost recipe which my very useful handyman has just made up (it took him 4 hours of back breaking work) and he has weeded a bed and dug in some of the mixture.

Next stage: the bed faces North with a painted brick wall and gets very little sun. Now it's been gutted I have left in it two honeysuckle (which are a bit weedy, hopefully the new compost will help) and a yellow rose that does well in the Summer.

I would like to plant the bed with plants and/or shrubs that can deal with this aspect. It can be a chilly area. I'm not keen to fill it with bulbs because when they are over there's just bare spaces. Any suggestions from anyone would be gratefully received. Many thanks.



Earlier this year I found a lovely evergreen climbing hydrangea. I planted it on a north facing wall in a 'wind tunnel' area and it's doing very well. There are some pretty hebes too that cope with shade and cold.
I expect you'll get lots more suggestions and I'll be interested to see some too.

24 Oct, 2010


Thank you Seabird. I love the idea of a climbing hydrangea and I didn't know you could get more hardy hebes.

25 Oct, 2010


I've had a hardy Olearia against the same wall for several years, I planted it as a wind break. It does need pruning every year after flowering otherwise it gets a bit leggy but it responds well and lots of new shoots come up from further down.
I was hoping you'd get more suggestions 'cos I'm looking for more ideas too.

30 Oct, 2010


thank you Seabird, you sound as though you have a lovely, interesting garden. I look fwd to tracking down the 3 plants you've mentioned so far!

31 Oct, 2010

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