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Lathyrus latifolius...:-((

I grew these for the first time this year...and was exxtremely disappointed. I had loads of vibrant green foliage...and about 7 flowers in total! I know a few people on here had the same experience.

However, I would like to know WHAT to do with them now. They were grown in deep pots....perhaps that was the problem...NOT enough room in pots despite the depth?!

Would they be better planted out in the garden next Spring?

Should I leave them in the post over-winter or is that too risky?

Do I cut them back as they are up, over and all around an obelisk?

I've read a little about them on here but I haven't found anything about over-wintering them....YET!

ANY advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



Mine were lack lustre until I planted then directly in the soil with lots of leaf mulch. the second year in the ground they have romped away. They will die down totally. I tend to leave them until they are brown/dead and then tidy them up.

23 Oct, 2010


Thanks, Seaburngirl. Should I give them protection in the pots till Spring...or will they be ok? Am I right in thinking they need to be in full sun, if possible, next year?

23 Oct, 2010


As long as they're not some fancy new hybrid, Izzy, they'll be fine without extra protection (except and unless we have below -5 deg C, sufficient for compost to freeze, for a fortnight, when any plant will die) they're fully hardy even in pots. They seem not to mind part sun part shade - but if you do plant them in the garden, make sure you choose the right spot. Once they're in, they're in, impossible to move.

24 Oct, 2010


Errrmmm, why, Bamboo? Are they very invasive by any chance? LOL. I really planted them in pots originally because I thought I'd take them with us whenever we move. Sounds as though I'll have to forget THAT idea if I put them in the ground!

Is it possible they might fare better NEXT year in pots, being their second year...or is it a case of "Ground's best!"?

Incidentally, has the EDIT button gone on posts? I found that invaluable before as I HATE misspellings/typhos on messages...sad, but true!Blame it on the fact that I'm still teaching!

24 Oct, 2010


No, the edit option is still available - but once you log off the site, you can't then go back and edit

24 Oct, 2010


they produce a good rootstock and self seed too. but I havnet found them to be a thug. Yet :o)

24 Oct, 2010


Ok..will make some space for them in the ground. Thanks both. :-))

24 Oct, 2010

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