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Winter Jasmin cut down in its prime! What to do!

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My winter Jasmine used to have its roots on the other side of the fence, in my neighbours garden...I thought it was looking a bit peaky, and found that my neighbour has inadventently cut my jasmines roots off!

What next! Should I take cuttings? Is there any way to save it??!! If cuttings will work, where is the best place to cut, and the best way to prepare and grow the cuttings?

Thanks for the help!




You poor thing. How come the roots of your plant are in the neighbours garden? Did you plant it in your garden? If so, there will be roots in your soil too and it will survive. You can try cuttings,cut them from the thickest branches, make sure you know which is the top and which is the bottom and dip them in some hormone liquid or jell, put them in a pot with good potting mix, leave a few leaves on so it can make chlorophyl from sunlight and live. Keep damp and watch. Nothing gained nothing lost. Jasmine is supposed to be very hardy so it should work. Good luck.

29 Aug, 2008


Thanks Marguerite!

I inherited the Jasmin from the last owners of the house, so no idea why the roots were on the other side - but nope, its cut right off, not chance with the roots I'm afraid! I chance my luck with the cuttings.


29 Aug, 2008


I suspect that it wasn't YOUR jasmine to start with but grew through from next door and has thrived with some TLC from you. Obviously try cuttings but I'd also wait and see whether there are any roots are on your side since jasmine roots from the tips and you might just be lucky. Good luck. If all else fails you may have to go and buy another one.

30 Aug, 2008

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