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one of my yuccas has grown to about 3 feet, the other produced 7 pups but stayed the same size as last year - why? Do they need covering during the winter.



Covering would depend on what kind of yucca they are. Yucca filifera and Y. recurvifolia (Y. flaccida) can easily go through the winter with no cover. Y. gloriosa will probably need fleece, at least, and may need more drastic measures, if last winter's deep freeze repeats this year.

Are the two yuccas the same kind? If so, the shorter one may have had its central bud damaged, which will encourage more pup formation. If not, Y. filifera stays at ground level, and spreads underground, while Y. recurvifolia tends to make a short trunk, and spread more slowly. Y. gloriosa tries to become a tree, but doesn't often make it in the UK.

23 Oct, 2010

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