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Hi all you gardeners out there i wonder does anybody know weather you can still get tar oil for treating fruit trees or has it been banned by the eu or something i am having trouble obtaining it any answers will be greatfully recived



Hi TB found this on google
RHS recommended plant oil Tree wash
• Only RHS recommended winter tree wash
• Based on plant oils
• Ideal for use on fruit trees & shrubs
• Suitable for organic gardening
• Safe around children and pets
• Supplied as 500 mil unit

Tar oil washes are no longer available. Winter Tree wash is the only product recommended by the RHS for treating pests on deciduous fruit trees and bushes in the winter to treat aphids and other over wintering pests. It contains plant oils and works on contact so needs a thorough application".
Hope this helps you it seems to be about £10 per 500 bottle.

21 Oct, 2010


Sorry did not see this earlier. Dr is correct, the Tar Oil once used is no longer made, but there is a substitute which is basically Horticultural soft soap. It does work too. Main problem is that is is applied in December on a wind free day, how many of them do we get?

22 Oct, 2010

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