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Does anyone know if you should frost protect phormiums?

Bought one last week and unfortunatley it came with one of those useless identity cards that tells you less than nothing - unless you can translate 4 foreign languages!

Its in a container in our courtyard area so is the most sheltered spot, but we did pay a fair bit for it and i would hate to lose it.

I have googled this question as well, but am getting conflicting answers. I'm in lancashire if that helps - climate wise!

Here's a pic of it




They will come through a cold winter better in the ground (roots don't get frozen solid) but in a normal winter, should be ok.

20 Oct, 2010


Totally agree about them being much safer in the ground - pots are asking to be frozen, obviously the roots being frozen too.
I have a lot here and they're fine through the winters - even very cold ones like the last one.

21 Oct, 2010


As you're in Lancashire, I'd be inclined to offer it a bit of protection, especially if we're at risk of another cold winter (which is what the word is currently). Keeping it in a paved or gravelled area is better, because it'll be warmer, which is where you have it now, but I'd be inclined to put it very close to a house wall, in a south facing position, and either cluster other pots around it for added protection, or bubblewrap the pot and get some horticultural fleece to place over it if the weather gets really cold. It's not snow you need to keep off it, its freezing that might be an issue. I had 3 on my balcony - 2 were fine, but one kicked the bucket at the end of last winter, and my balcony is southfacing and in West London - they're in pots. I'd had all 3 for over ten years with no problems at all, so in a bad year, they may be susceptible. There were people up north on here who lost Phormiums in the ground last winter, so I'd be taking a few precautions, as mentioned already.

21 Oct, 2010


thanks for all the advice. Will nip to the GC tomorrow and get some more fleece - better to be safe than sorry.

22 Oct, 2010

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