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By Hsagoo

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on the edges of my beautiful lawn , i have strange weed starting to come through, i keep digging it out, more comes through and so on. This is like maroon/greem very small leaves with very small yellow flowers coming through. Please let me know how to eradicte this nuisence.



Sounds like a form of oxalis - you need to dig them out carefully, extracting all the roots, including the tiny, corm like pale brown bits at the base of the plant and top of the root. Some of these also have a whitish, transluscent small pointed oval corm like object - if you leave that behind, it grows again. When you dig them, do it with a garden fork, take out the clump, sift through it with your fingers to get all the parts out.

20 Oct, 2010


I have this aswell and it's the bane of my life :-(

20 Oct, 2010


Yes, me too! Pull it out before it sets seeds!! You need to keep digging it out to really get all the root out or it will be back!

20 Oct, 2010


.... with a vengeance, once it gets a hold it's almost impossible to stop :-(((

20 Oct, 2010

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