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we have recently moved to a property with a thriving grapevine in the back garden.

we have harvested as many of the grapes as we can use, but are uncertain whether we need to remove the remaining fruit, or if we just let nature take its course.

any advice regarding maintainence would be much appreciated



Leave the rest of the fruit for the birds to enjoy. But later you will need to prune the vine properly which will include removing any ( by then, mummified!) bunches of grapes. Go to websites for the best pruning advice, and videos. Put 'pruning grape vines' into the search engine. But basically, you need to retain a framework of branches that will bear fruit next year, also, you'll need to thin the bunches to get decent fruits and not just lots of small fruits. An absorbing hobby, I suspect!

18 Oct, 2010


much obliged

we were suprised at how much fruit there was, so will hopefully be better prepared to make full use of it next year

19 Oct, 2010

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