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Guernsey Unknown

what plants are the best to sell at a market stall this presen t time ? please



That depends on what you can get at a reasonable price from the wholesaler or what you can propagate yourself. Winter bedding plants are what seems to be selling in our market.

17 Oct, 2010


Pansies , any herbs for example garden mint , thyme , rosemary , lavendar , basil ,sage , chives.
Even if you bought the herbs out of a garden centre you can always slap a bit more on the price.
Miniature Roses.I often buy these out of somewhere like Tesco's or morrisons and split them up, because you get about 4 to a pot .
Primula's. Even put bulbs into a pot of compost and sell them that way , you'll have a good variety that way.Daffodils tulips and even hyacinths

17 Oct, 2010


Bare rooted shrubs? Evergreens?

17 Oct, 2010

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