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My Streptocarpus seem to leave very small red spots on the window which are almost imposible to get off. Why is this and is there a way to stop it ?

On plant Streptocarpus



Hi have a very close look does it have any insect pests like white fly or red spider mite. non of mine do this. it does sound like ecretory products fro an insect.

16 Oct, 2010


Hi Seaburngirl thanks for your reply. The Streptocarpus don't have white fly or red spider and I can't see any other pests. I have a lot of other houseplants and the red dots only appear by the Streptocarpus. I'm keen to find a solution as my wife wants me to get rid of the Streptocarpus otherwise.

24 Oct, 2010


sorry to hear about this problem. I have several streps and have not noticed any problem. could you put the plant on a large ornamental [if wife likes it] tray to catch what ever it is.

24 Oct, 2010


Unfortunately most of my windowsills are too small to keep the Streptocarpus away from the Window Pane. Even in the front window where the plant is a foot or so away from the pane, whatever it is managed to get a couple of the red spots on the glass. If they just wiped off it wouldn't be so bad but you virtually have to chip them off with a knife or something.

26 Oct, 2010


I am really intrigued by this. Many flies leave a hard residue sometimes when they regurgitate onto glass. Is it that do you think?

26 Oct, 2010

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