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can I grow my tomatoes in the same place next year? Do I need to add something to the soil?



It's always wise to rotate crops, and more important still if your tomatoes got blight this year, as so many did. Feeding soil where any crop has been grown is important, too, so dig in home-made compost, well-rotted manure and/or chicken manure pellets to give next year's plants a good start.

16 Oct, 2010


i grow mine in the same place in the g/house every year.
about every 3/4 years i take the soil out and replace with new soil and compost. in the garden i put the tomatoes in a different place every year, also i make sure i never put them near potatoes or where the potatoes were last year, because they both suffer from potato blight.

16 Oct, 2010

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