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My garden is full of weeds. I would like to put my garden to grass. Whats easiest turf or seed? First i would like to get rid of all the weeds but do you know of a product that i can use that will not interfere if i want to grow anything in my garden after-wards? I don't know how damaging weed killers are to the soil. Thanks



Sorry Tweet, but you're better off digging out the weeds - if you're quick and can prepare the area within the next week or so, October is the best month for laying turf. Dig it over, removing all weeds and large debris as you go, level off, walk all over the area on your heels to compress the soil, re level, rake up the top to a fine tilth, lay turf. Or sow seed - seed is cheaper, but can't be walked on properly for 3 months, and the first cut should be done with shears (although a hover mower seems fine, that's what I use). Any other mower will rip the seeds out of the ground... and seed should really go down as soon as possible.

16 Oct, 2010

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