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Please can you identify a plant I have been given. It is possibly of the cacti family. It has 18 inch long, grass like green leaves which turn bright red in summer produces a large sky blue flower in the centre of the crown which lasts about 2 months and then the leaves gradually turn green and die back. It does not like water in the crown, enjoys sunshine directly into the centre of the crown. It likes to be on it's side slightly shaded!!! It also produces identical offshoots all round the plant. The leaves are very slightly barbed. It was in my neighbours garden when she moved to the house and has given away many offshoots over the years. Please can you help identify as I have searched the internet without success.

Plant_identify_and_others_061 Plant_identify_and_others_063



It is beautiful...I hope someone can name it very soon for you....

14 Oct, 2010


Ok I found it!! It is called Fascicularia :)))

14 Oct, 2010


Fascicularia bicolor. Have a look at my pics. Phil J

14 Oct, 2010

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