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Do you need both 'male' and 'female' plants in order for Skimmia to flower? I pruned mine some months ago, and since then no flowers have appeared........



No - you need both male and female plants to get berries, and this shrub flowers in spring, not summer and autumn - the ones you see in the flower in the garden centre now have been forced...

14 Oct, 2010


Mine have buds on them now. I have several, all slightly different. The buds do open in the spring, but are lovely in their own right, I think. I'm not bothered about berries, to be honest!

14 Oct, 2010


If you want berries you can buy Skimmia reevesiana in garden centres now this one is is an hermaphrodite and will therefore produce plenty of berries if planted on its own, although the display is even better with a male pollinator nearby according to some sites.

14 Oct, 2010

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