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By Idmcg

Wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a big problem with Vine Weevil. I must now, it seems, seek an altenative to the cascading begonias I have planted in baskets, for many years.
Can anyone please suggest an alternative plant that will be equally "showy" and floriferous but will be unaffected by the Vine Weevil?



Vine weevil will attack most plants in pots, so that's not the answer. You can buy a nematode solution (Nemasys) which you mix with water and water into the compost, but it needs to be done really in about May, when things have warmed up a bit, or in September before its too cool. Or you can use Provado vine weevil killer, but that does affect bee colonies

14 Oct, 2010


Thank you for your very swift response and advice. Much appreciated.

14 Oct, 2010


You're welcome - and as a new member too!

14 Oct, 2010


Hi Idmcg,

It's worth trying to tackle the Vine Weevils because, as Bamboo rightly says, they will target all of your plants, both in pots and in the garden generally. They can be a particular problem in urban and suburban gardens where their natural predators are unable to control them effectively.

When we lived in central London the garden was pretty much overwhelmed by them at certain points. Now we're back here in the countryside although the Weevils are certainly present they never seem increase in numbers are are not a problem to any of our plants.

18 Oct, 2010

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