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By Janetmb

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Please can any one tell me how to stop a rhododendron flowering in the autumn, mine is pot grown due to wrong type of soil and each autumn it starts to flower. Last year it was hit by the snow and ice , lost all its buds so no flowers. It has done this for several years and I really would like to enjoy the flowers in the spring this time. Any ideas how to change it season!



It's not uncommon for spring flowering plants to put on a small show at this time of year - do you know what variety of rhododendron you have, i.e., the proper name? Usually, putting out a few flowers now doesn't mean you don't get them the following spring.

13 Oct, 2010


Janet, your Rhododendron could be an early flowering variety, if it's placed on the shady part of your terrace/patio the lights from the house will confuse it's growth, hence flowering in the autumn instead of spring or summer. Can you move it to the other side of the house after repotting in an ericaceous soil.

13 Oct, 2010


OOps may have sent this twice. Thank you for the comments

My plant is in ericacious compost, and has been in shade all summer,under trees, it is a dwarf Elizabeth Red,supposed to flower in May. It is well away from the house, and I have fed it in the past late in the autumn as it is in a pot, plus add extra compost. I have not pruned it and but always take off the dead buds etc.

18 Oct, 2010


Sounds like you're more or less caring for it correctly - except I wouldn't recommend the feeding in the autumn. Should be fed in Spring, as season begins, March or April, depending if you're north or south. You don't say what you feed it with, but I think I'd be inclined to try Miracle Gro for Azaleas and Camellias, follow the instructions on the box, but don't feed past the end of June or early July.

18 Oct, 2010


Thanks for this , I am in the Hampshire area
I have not fed it this year and will wait till next spring, I have been using a feed for Azaleas etc. May be if I feed it at the corrct time it will revert to spring flowering.

It is such a shame to have all the buds bitten by frost, this year I had none until now!! Poor confused plant.

18 Oct, 2010


Worth a try, anyway, hope it works. Reason you don't feed outdoor plants past end of June/mid July is because it forces new growth which may not have time to harden off before winter sets in, in case you were wondering.

18 Oct, 2010


Janet it sounds as though you are in a frost pocket if you lose the buds in winter/early spring. Also do you have bud blast in your area? There is no cure for bud blast. Fleece may be the answer against frosts.

18 Oct, 2010


Thank you.Yes we do get frost as we are in a winterbourne valley, I do try to keep it protected from the frost . Not sure about bud blast will have to look it up. Any way have some flowers to look at now, although we have had a frost this morning so who knows.

20 Oct, 2010

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