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I want to experiment - and I am looking for advice please. Composting underground... If I put two large waste bins deep under ground almost to the rim of the bin and fit secure tight lids and plenty of holes in the bottom... fill one up with waste from kitchen and garden - once one is full I then leave and fill other.. then by time that is full the first one should be ready... Hhmm... any tips? Things to avoid? Has anyone tried this?



I think you'll find it easier to have your compost bins on the surface. Emptying them if they are buried in the ground is going to be a challenge I would have thought. You also need to let the air get to your compost as it is working.

13 Oct, 2010


There is a composting system called Green Cone
where the waste goes into a plastic basket buried underground. The cone sticks up out of the ground - not all that high and collects heat (you need to install it where sun shines on it) to make the waste rot down quickly.
I had one til my OH built a garage where it got shaded. I found that a rat kept trying to dig it up. I'd wrapped the underground basket in wire mesh so it couldn't get in, but the tunnels it dug every night let in flies so that it was a "keep your mouth shut moment" when opening it to put more stuff in. Eventually the rat gave up as I kept filling the holes it dug with rocks and stones every day.

13 Oct, 2010

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