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United Arab Emirates Ae

what are the best plants for well drained soil



Is this an exam question? You could try clicking on "D" at the bottom of the page and look up the "Dry soil" section, but what passes for dry soil here may be a lot less dry than your soil in the UAE.

12 Oct, 2010


Lavender, cistus, rosemary, hibiscus, many grasses, helianthemum, u.s.w. Phil J

12 Oct, 2010


Almost all plants like well-drained soil, but if you are thinking of ultra-fast-draining sandy/gravelly soil, the list gets a little thinner. All kinds of succulents, such as aloes or frankincense, like such soil. So also do plants with bulbs, rhizomes, or tubers, such as iris or Ornithogalum. A few of the more hard-bitten desert plants, such as capers or wild olive also like it. Many palms like fast-draining soil, too. Beyond that, it's a case of pick and choose--sand and rock lovers can be found in almost any plant type, family, or continent of origin.

13 Oct, 2010

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