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concrete path - remove or cover up with new slabs?

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we're about to lay some slaps around an existing concrete path which is a little 'ugly' but we're bought some slabs and now wondering if we should cover the old stuff or have it removed?



Doesn't this depend on whether laying slabs on top of the concrete will raise the level too high - and look right? My husband recently laid a new brick path and took away thr old concrete slabs so that he could lay the base flat. It made a much better finish to the job. I know it's a lot of work, but consider what you want the end result to look like before you decide.

27 Aug, 2008


Is the path next to the house? Consider the hight of the new path in relation to your airbricks.
Lynne x

27 Aug, 2008


I would never lay another slab over an old one, as they are never perfect and might wobble, get dirt in between and become a floating danger. Certainly remove the old ones or clean them up. You can do that with vinegar. Undiluted and scrub in with scrubber brush. Let it stand for 10 mins and then hose off, it will leave them almost like new. If they are cracked or broken bits, I would discard them, it will only spoil the look of the new ones. I now read you have a concrete path, which looks ugly. Don't put new slabs on the concrete for the same reason you would not put them on old slabs. We've just cleaned our own concret drive and path with special stuff bought at the hardware store called creteclean or something like that. You mix it with water in a watering can and spray it on the path. Leave it for 10 mins to soak. With a high pressure hose ( you can hire those if you don't have one ) you just "wipe" the dirt off. If there is grease or oil from cars on the path, then go over it with a degreaser fluid first.
Make sure the slabs are the same colour as the concrete path, otherwise it looks funny I think. Good luck and happy working, but results will be great.

28 Aug, 2008

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